As an associate dentist you are well established, have good patient numbers and high job satisfaction.

You might be at the time of life where you have bought your first home or started a family and you are now thinking about planning your future both for you and for your dental career.


If you have a new home and/or a new family, it will be important to establish protection in order that in the event you were to suffer early death, your dependants would be provided for. Points to consider include paying off liabilities in the event of illness or death, providing an income on the death or illness of the main bread winner and protecting your income if you were unable to work through accident or sickness. Please see our life assurance, critical illness and income protection pages for more details.


We understand the need to plan for retirement early on in your career and as an associate dentist you may be contributing significant amounts into the NHS pension scheme and accumulating benefit. Alternatively, you may be in a private practice where you may be contributing in to your own personal pension plan.

We can offer advice on a wide range of retirement options as well as provide you with a fully bespoke retirement plan. Please see our pensions section for more details.


We highly recommend to make your life easier you surround yourself with dental specific advisors such as ourselves.

We understand the financial needs and requirements of dentists and, if needed, we can recommend other like-minded professionals such as accountants and solicitors. Ultimately, this means you can spend more of your time and focus on what you’re good at, which is the dentistry!


We have frequent conversations with our associate dentists about the potential of purchasing their own dental practice. With our assistance many of our clients have made the transition from associate to practice owner and made their professional dream a reality.

Being financially organised is a vital starting point to any practice purchase. With a bespoke financial plan, you can demonstrate to any potential lender that you have fully costed any purchase.